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Deep End * Jerzy Skolimowski (1970)

One of several films with the same name. This one is older than I thought and apparently just released on DVD, it was at the new releases of my usual DVD rental. The box presents it an absurdistic comedy with erotic and dark thriller elements. The story suggests ‘coming-of-age’. The 15 year old Mike starts his first job and falls in love with his beautiful, yet older, co-worker. Susan proves to be way out of his league, but Mike does not take “no” for an answer. The film indeed has some amusing scenes and portrays (I guess) a bit the far ends of the 1970’ies society with sexual educational films in the cinema and erotic clubs for discos; but a thriller? Not really. Actually the film suggests to be more daring than it is in the end, but Jane Asher is nice to look at and the film is not boring.

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