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X * Jon Hewitt (2011)

Little expectations with a 5.6 on IMdB, but I did not feel like looking for titles from my list, so I just picked “X: Night Of Vengeance”. The film starts even not so badly with a provocative sex scene portraying one of the main characters (Holly) as a high-class escort girl. The other girl we follow is Shay who ran away from home and tries to earn a bit of money in the oldest profession. When their paths cross, mutual problems arise, serious problems. A cat-and-mouse game starts quite niceely, but slowly but surely goes downwards until the end of the film becomes rather weak. Throw in an obligatory surprising twist in the story and you have “X” in a nutshell. A film to watch only when you have nothing better to see. Both women are a reason perhaps, but as a whole I can see where the IMdB-rate comes from.

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