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The Ledge * Matthew Chapman (2011)

I am glad that I did not read the box before watching this film. It gives everything away! We find a young man on a ledge of a high building. Policeman Hollis gets the job to talk him off of it and in hearing Gavin’s story we slowly get a picture of the situation. The basis of which is two men, one woman and the two man have very actual and very opposing philosophies. Gavin is a cynic materialist and Joe a fundamentalist Christian. These elements lead Gavin up the roof. The story is worked out nicely. I remained one step behind of the film until the end. Not that the story is extremely elaborate, but the plot keeps ‘shifting forward’, the viewer following in its trail. I actually found “The Ledge” very well done for a Hollywood production. The atmosphere is good, I could associate with all three main characters and when you think about it, the film even has a message for the modern man.

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