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The Naked Kiss * Samuel Fuller (1964)

I read that this oldie was weird and nightmarish so I became curious. Watching it I kept wondering what exactly I read about it that made me want to watch it and why it is rated 18+. “The Naked Kiss” is about Kelly, a prostitude that wants to change her line of work, but her past keeps catching up with her. Overly self-confident she helps and opposes the people she meets in the small-town where she stranded, but at some point she starts to wonder if she has no right to be happy like ‘normal’ people. Then just when she thinks she can, a bit knockout occurs that I can imagine stirred the minds of the 1970’ies audience. Watching it today, I find the film rather dull. Fortunately Constance Towers (who plays Kelly) is nice to look at.

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