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The Cell * Tarsem Singh (2000)

I totally forgot that I already saw this film. It took so long for two reaons. First, I keep mixing it up with The Cube, which is a great film, but I am sure that I saw that one. Second the presence of J-Lo which, to me, is not a reason to watch it (again). Actually “The Cell” is a very good variation on the milked-out serial killer thriller, where Singh mixes elements of “Inception” through a quite typical serial killer film. The FBI is on the hunt for an of course very weird serial killer. They look for the help of a group of scientists who have a very experimental approach to the treatment of people in a coma. Based on that second point, Singh had the opportunity to create elaborate fantasy worlds and in the second half of the film, pretty dark fantasy. Lopez proves to be a descent actress able to carry the film and Singh did not too abundently use her status as beauty-queen. “The Cell” is not completely convincing for the entire duration, but has a good ballance between ‘real’ and fantasy (sometimes reminding a big of Del Torro) and a good atmosphere.

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