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Resurrection * Russell Mulcahy * 1999

A friends project it seems. Christopher Lambert (Highlander, etc.) writes the story for a film and asks Mulcahy (Highlander, etc.) to direct it. “Ressurection” proves to be a “Se7en” copy.

Prudhomme (Lambert in the main part of his own film) is a police officer investigating a series of gruesome murders. During the investigation he is contacted by the killer and gets too deeply involved in the case of events. The killer proves to have an agenda based on his strict Christian faith. The film is pretty grim, the killings are shown very gruesome and Prudhomme brakes his mind over the symbolism of the killings. Nothing we haven’t seen before. Also “Resurrection” isn’t as cleverly written as “Se7en” (even though I had figured that one out before the end), so there are no real surprises. Overall an amusing film, but with a bit too high pretentions.

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