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Bringing Out The Dead * Martin Scorsese (1999)

  • drama

What a great film of Scorsese. We follow Frank Pierce (Nicolas Cage) who works on an ambulance in the worst part of New York in his profession. An overcrowded hospital. The same drug-related calls every shift. Worst of all: Frank has not saved a life in months. The people who died on him, start to hunt Frank as he slowly goes down over his maddening job. The chaos and the stress that Frank experiences is filmed well and thus Scorsese makes a descent and dense drama. On top of that come a couple of brilliant scenes in which Scorsese experiments somewhat. There is a brilliant Tarantino-like scene in which Frank and his partner resurrect a heroin OD in some goth-club. Also there are a couple of hallucinative scene and good, grim humour. Indeed, a film worth watching.

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