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Butterfly Kiss * Michael Winterbottom (1995)

This was Winterbottom’s first full-length film, but by far not his debut as a director. We follow Eunice (Amanda Plummer), a strange character who is apparently looking for someone called Judith. When things do not go as expected, something bad happens. Miriam somehow looks up to her, or she feels sorry, this is not completely clear, but at least she recognises the bad in Eunice and tries to find the good in her. Instead she grows bad herself. I am not sure if I already saw this film, but if I did not, it does indeed remind a lot of “Thelma and Louise”. Two girls on the loose doing everything that is forbidden. “Butterfly Kiss” is good for a few laughs and chuckles, but not really a very good film. Plummer’s character could be a reason to watch it anyway though.

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