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Ravenous * Antonia Bird * 1999

I have seen this film on cheap DVD several times and didn’t know whether or not to buy it. Now the doubting is over, since the BBC showed it last weekend. However my tv-guide says the film is good, I find it rather boring myself. Still, there are some nice sides to “Ravenous”.

The story plays in the 17th century and a group of men is sent out to the snowy Callifornia where they find a half-frozen man in front of their door. He tells a story of cannibalism and a few man go out to find a possible surviving woman. The film begins as an adventure/drama and goes via thriller to a more horror-like film. The story is unconvincing and the film is not very scary. Funny is the happy music when there should actually be scary music. The strange choices for music is actually the best part of the film.

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