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Raising Arizona * Joel + Ethan Coen * 1987

Apparently there are still Coen-films that I haven’t seen. “Raising Arizona” was on tv a while ago. A real Coen film; nostalgic way of filming, weird sense of humour, John Goodman and Nicholas Cage as actors and overall the better kind of comedy.

Cage and his barren wife decide to steal a baby from a rich man who just got a quins (that is five) who “have more than they can handle”. Cage has a history of crime and met his wife (who used to be police-officer) in jail. Two old cell-mates of Cage escape and visit the bourgeois-couple and Cage is lured back to his old habbits. In the meantime a bountyhunter from hell is looking for the baby. Overall enough elements for an unusual story and with the brothers Coen’s unusual kind of humour you get a very amusing film.


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