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Quo Vadis? * Franco Rossi * 1985

For some reason the series “Rome” got a major budget and also seems to be very popular. Since when are people interested in historical drama series? Since “Gladiator”? I haven’t really followed “Rome”, maybe I will watch it when it is available on DVD for a reasonable price. But to all those who do follow and enjoy “Rome”, I can advice you to buy these old series for a very reasonable price on DVD (I paid E 10,50 for these and the series “Merlin” together). Six episodes, six hours (well, alright, about 300 minutes) with a very nice series about a very interesting part of history. “Quo Vadis?” (meaning “where are you going?” btw) is based on the 1895 book with the same title by the Pole Henryk Sienkiewicz (1846-1916). It deals with the time that Nero ruled over Rome and the apostle Peter goes around spreading the message of Jesus Christ (i.e. around 30 CE). More and more people are converted to Christianity, which religion is regarded as a plague by the authorities, so they invent an accusation which allows them to take out the hazardous sect by root. The acting is alright, the stages and costumes are marvelous and the story interesting and -like I said-, the price of the double-DVD wonderfull. A must-buy for anyone who likes the series “Rome” and for people who like historical dramas. If you look for them, there are more cheap series on DVD about Rome, such as “I Claudius” and a series totally about Julius Ceasar. I don’t know if I want to see all of them, but I certainly enjoyed “Quo Vadis?”

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