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I Come With The Rain * Anh Hung Tran (2008)

This does not happen to me often, but I am not sure what to think of this film. It looks what you might expect when an Eastern director makes an American film. This may be the strength of “I Come With The Rain”, but just as well its weakness. For the first hour the film really annoyed me. Kline’s drama is extremely enlarged, the drama is just bigger as needed. Also there is serious over-acting, too hip camerawork and montage, scenes that seem to be superfluous and bad English. The film watches as if the director put a magnifying glass on everything and the result is downright irritating. But there is also the great soundtrack of Radiohead who seem to have composed a long, instrumental rock epic especially for the film. Then after an hour things get better, or I got used to the style of the film? There are some great scenes, but also still some annoying ones. The film is quite weird and sometimes slightly dark.
The story in short then. Kile is an ex-policeman who got sacked after he shot a serial killer. As a private detective he is hired to find somebody’s son in the far East and he runs into a serial killer, how original. The film shows both the killer’s and Kile’s side of the story and the way things are worked out remind me a bit of an updated version of “Manhunter” (1986). Perhaps I should watch it again some time. As of now, I come to a 2.

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