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Plunkett & MacLeane * Jake Scott * 1999

This is one of these films that I wanted to see for a long time, but for some reason I never really came to it. Now that I did see it, I regret not having seen it before! Plunkett and MacLeane are two different people living in 18th century England who decide to work together stealing from the rich. This fact makes this film a nice crime film playing in the past with some nice scenes and good humour. What adds much to the film are some totally unorthodox elements that musicvideodirector Scott added to the film. Just imagine an 18th ball-scene with technoish music…? More then, Robert Carlyle is Plunkett and Carlyle we of course love for his part in Trainspotting. So, should you have been as dumb as me to skip this film, go and see it, it is worth the watch!

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