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The Addams Family (tv series 1964/5)

A while ago my girlfriend home with a The Addams Family DVD box. It appeared to be the original 1964 series that was based on Charly Addams’ cartoons and which was (of course) reworked into a comicseries in 1974 and a couple of famous films. The old series are as wonderfull as I remember my first watch of the first film. Morticia Addams (Carolyn Jones) is much more beautifull in the series as in the films. Gomez Addams (John Astin) is a bit more gawky than in the films, but he is great once you get to know him. Lurch (Ted Cassidy) is brilliant, the length and extremely deep voice are actually the actor’s own, just as the gummy-face of Uncle Fester (Jackie Coogan who was discovered by noone less than Charlie Japlin in his early days). You will probably know what The Addams Family is all about, an opposital family which embraces the dark and strange, thinking that this is perfectly normal and finding everybody with daisies in their gardens scary. This starting point is worked out in a wonderfull scripts with brilliantly founded jokes and loads of constantly returning pranks (such as “You Rang?”, “mail’s in” or “Tish, when you speak French, you drive me MAD”). These series are really wonderfull and we got a beautifull 3 DVD ‘digipack’ to accompany it. A downturn came when I looked for some information to write this review. For some reason, the producers of this box-set chose to release but 2/3rd of the first series in this “volume 1” box… Apparently there are two more boxes, the second containing the missing part of the first series and the first episodes of the second series and a third box with the last part of the second series. What would be the idea behind that?!? In any case, the series are definately worth the money, but look around a bit for a proper release. There are also 9 DVD boxes with the complete series I noticed.

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