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Kan Door Huid Heen * Esther Rots (2009)

After a traumatic experience, Marieke flees to a nomansland in a far corner of the Netherlands, buying a ruin in the province of Zeeland. Isolated, Marieke’s fear starts to grow into schizophrenia. In her debut film Esther Rots gives a pressing peek into the mind of a troubled young woman. An experimental score makes rumbling noises when the thoughts in Marieke’s head no longer lead anywhere and several thoughts constantly run through eachother. Also Marieke’s mood changes constantly, from open and happy to violently angry and especially to unfounded fear. The self-help chatboxes that she visits in her dark hours do not help either. “Kan Door Huid Heen” (literally ‘can go through skin’) is an interesting debut that suddenly ends and leaves a lot to be interpreted by the viewer.

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