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Les Nuits Rouges Du Bourreau De Jade * Julien Carbon & Laurent Courtiaud (2009)

“Red Nights” opens with a promising scene. A beautiful Chinese (?) woman brings another beautiful woman to her special bedroom performing some elaborate sex game. From then on “Red Nights” develops as a rather standard thriller in which different parties are after an “object”. Only the owner of the scifi bedroom seems to know what the object is really for and she does not shy any means to obtain it. The film revolves around a few French women on Hong Kong, the woman the film opens with and some high criminal all trying to lay their hands on, or to sell, the “object”. This object seems an interesting thread through the story, but in the end it is only an excuse for a long and bloody torture scene. The story is quite thin and after the grand opening, the atmosphere of the film is not too convincing either. “Red Nights” proves to be but an alright thriller in the end.

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