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Pas De Repos Pour Les Braves * Alain Guiraudie * 2003

no rest for the brave

This is a wonderfull, French film about which the opinions differ. The film gets only a 5.4 out of 10 at the Internet Movie Database with as comment “One of few movies i ever walked out of”. Personally I loved the film. A young man dreams that his next sleep will also be his last, so he decides to never sleep again. The film opens with a very fast and long monologue with all kinds of philosophical implications of the dream. Then the story gets confusing. Is Hector the same as his discussion partner and is either of them Basil the murderer of an entire village? A young man is on the run, looking for a man that is looking for him. Strange scenes with problems in the drugs-scene. Definitely not a film for someone who wants a simple story and an understandable end! The settings are great. Some kind of remote mountain/desert society with very small villages and very old, French cars. The film is stuffed with weird conversations, sometimes deep, sometimes shallow. The characters are evenly strange and so is the atmosphere. Hard to explain. Really an experimental film that many people won’t like, but some may.

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