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Paperhouse – Bernard Rose (1988)

I don’t believe in coincidence, so when first a friend mentioned this film which I hadn’t heard off and only a few weeks later my youngest sister too, there must be something with it. I suppose it was just rereleased on dvd recently and that is why it is back in the attention or so. Anyway, I watched it, so here we go.

“Paperhouse” is about a young girl Anna who does not quite feel comfortable with her surroundings. Also she has some unknown disease which causes her to loose self-consiousness on a far too regular basis. During these attacks Anna has strange visions/dreams that she later learns she can influence by drawing.
She starts with a house, so she dreams about a house in a big field. Then she draws the head of a boy in the window which she can’t meet, since the house has no interior. This goes on and on until Anna has created her own frightfull dreamworld mostly caused by forgetting things (the boy can’t walk since she didn’t draw legs, etc.). The dreamworld is far too closely connected to the real world. The boy is in both of them, to name one thing. Also the dreamworld influences the real world.

Overall a nice fearietale kind of film. For it’s time very good, for today just nice.

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