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Thor * Kenneth Branagh (2011)

The film is based on a comic which is (of course) based on Norse mythology. Losely based I might say. Loki’s mother became a father and he is a brother to Thor. The “white Ase” Heimdall became a negroid and there are some other ‘free interpretations’. Leaving them aside you get some sort of sci-fi action film with some names and themes from Northern mythology. The result is not utterly boring, but not really exiting either. Thor finds himself cast to the earth without his usual powers. He is picked up by a group of scientists and eventually won back for Asgard, which is located on some other planet. There are some funny findings, such as Bifrost as a worm-hole Thor’s ‘meteorite’ and however the ‘frost giants’ are a bit silly, the ‘fire giant’ looks great. You will get the expected spectacle, Anthony Hopkins as Odin and good-looking (computer) stages.

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