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The Others * Alejandro Amenábar * 2001

When I write this, this film is not yet shown in Europe. As a matter of fact, it just started to play in the USA when I was there, so I guess Europeans will have to wait for another half year or so.
A horror/thriller with Nicole Kidman claimed to be in the vein of “The Sixth Sence” and “Unbreakable”, which is in a way true.
Kidman lives with her two children in a gigantic villa in the middle of nowwhere and her husband has been at war for the past months. Both children are allergic to light and the house is haunted. Since her staff keeps running away, Kidman has to get new gardeners, nannies and cleaning-ladies all the time. All the sudden three are at her door and they seem to have obscure plans with Kidman, her children and the house.
However I found the clue a bit too obvious (I also found this of “The Sixth Sence”), it is a nice movie, especially if you enjoyed the other mentioned titles.

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