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Rundskop * Michael R. Roskam (2011)

I understood that this film was about the ‘hormones-maffia’, but actually that line is secondary to the story of one of the characters. In Belgium we find a small group of people dealing in hormones for their life-stock in order to get them extra fat extra fast. We see buyers and sellers and get a little bit of history on the subject. The person we get to know better is Jacky, a man who is dependant on hormones in different ways, for his cows and for himself. Because of the use of hormones (caused by an accident in his youth) Jacky looks like a bull and he has a bulls-head, hence the title. I find the drama around Jacky out of proportion and would have been more interested in the maffia side of the story. The film is well-shot with moody images though, you will hear a whole set of different Belgium languages and dialecs and the humour is good. “Rundskop” is a nice film, mostly because of the way it is shot. It is presented as a thriller and that is not really the case.

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