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One Hour Photo * Mark Romanek * 2002

A psychological thriller with Robin Williams? Not that strange, because at the same time as this film played in the cinemas, Williams was also a serial killer in the remake of “Insomnia”. “One Hour Photo” is about a man called “Sy” who has been working at the photoshop of a low-price-warehouse for many years. He developed an obsession for one particular family whose photos he had printed for years. When he finds out that the man of the family cheats on his beautiful wife, Sy wants to learn him a lesson.

You often hear that this is a very scary movie, well, not really in my opinion. The tension builds up very slowly, which is nicely done, but doesn’t really reach that peak that you would expect after reading a review or the back of the box. Not that this is a boring film, but also it isn’t the greatest thing from Hollywood of the last year.

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