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Fröken Sverige * Tova Magnusson-Norling (2004)

While on holidays in Sweden I thought to tap into that booming Swedish film industry and buy some unknown films. I have found but one shop selling DVDs (and cds and vinyl) and they had only a handfull of Swedish films only one with English subtitles. So we got this 5.3 on IMdB… Fortunately, it is not that bad, but it is not exactly a masterpiece either. The sweet teenager Moa grows up in a Swedish small town as a child of extremely socially involved parents. She herself is part of an active vegan / anti-capitalism / etc. group of friends who frequently demonstrate against “the system”. A few events make Moa growing more individual, thus clashing with her friends and parents, but this also causes her to loose the feeling of being liked. She learns a few lessons of life in the proces. In the end everything turns out just fine, too fine actually and then the film just stops.
“Miss Sweden” is a nice ‘coming-of-age’ drama showing the very left part of society somewhere in Sweden. Moa is a real teenager with whims and caprices and as she has a hard time trying to find out what she wants, other people have a hard time understanding what she is going through. Not a waste of time this film, but just a Swedish movie.

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