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National Treasure * Jon Turteltaub * 2004

Here we have a mix between “Indiana Jones” and Dan Brown (“Da Vinci Code”, etc.). A not too exciting Hollywood mystery, action, thriller that I only wanted to see because I was curious how much ‘hidden history’ was put in this film. Well, the film opens with an awfull story about a treasure of the Knight Templars and the Freemasons. Then you get some valid information about the Masonic roots of the American society, but the rest of the film is filled up with unlikely or even impossible clues leading to the biggest treasure of the world. A few things are historical facts, the large part is invented for the film. What I find strange is that the makers of this film totally neglected the Masonic elements in the map and architecture of Washington city. Oh well, people who like Dan Brown’s books and don’t take the information such books and films like this too serious, may enjoy “National Treasure”. I just feel sorry for Nicholas Cage who deserves better films.

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