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TRON * Steven Lisberger (1982)

Every now and then I run into some classic that I (think I) have not seen. This time this was a 1982 science-fiction. Watching “TRON” I was wondering how long there had been computers in 1982. I remember my father buying a Vic20, probably around that time, so I could not have been that long. Still “TRON” seems to contain computer animations and futuristic ideas about computers and their workings, such as “The Matrix” like story. The film is about a computer game factory where curruption made the originators to be secondary or even expelled employers. A security system is built which slowly takes things in his own hand. This system made some kind of “matrix” where computer programs are used to play deadly games and thus be killed. The computer world is a world with bright colours and game-like machines. In the film this world looks both awsome and cheap, thus making a wonderfull virtual world, especially thinking again of 1982. The surrealistic world has ways of communicating with “users” in the real world, ‘passed screen’ worlds, programs on the loose, “bits” that can only say “yes” and “no” and security. It all goes somewhere between games and a “Matrix” like computer world. A great classic!

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