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My Little Eye * Marc Evans * 2002

I had never heard of this film, but decided to rent it after getting curious by the back of the box. The film is not too original or surprising in story, but worked out well. “My Little Eye” shows the last week of three young men and two young women who have lived in a remote mansion for six months. It is some kind of internet Big Brother kind of experiment with cameras all through the house. When they manage to stay six months, each gets a million dollars, but when one person quits, everybody looses. “The organisation” starts to make things difficult by no longer sending food, refering to the participants pasts and bluntly scaring them out. This is done with a very good Blair Witch like atmosphere in which the suggestion makes the tension. Around the end the story starts to twist and turn towards a not too surprising end.

A not too great film, but especially the atmosphere makes this film a suggestion to anyone who likes gloomy thriller/horrors.

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