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The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things * Asia Argento (2004)

“The Heart…” is a heavy drama about a boy Jeremiah, who was born to a 16-something mother and given up for adoption. The film opens when Jeremiah’s biologcal mother Sarah picks up her son from the foster parents. Sarah is about the lowest-of-the-low. However pretty when she wants to, she is an antisocial drinking and dug-using young woman. She convinces Jeremiah that he is better off with her, but the situation does not last too long. Jeremiah is thrown back and forth from his mother and completely opposital foster families. Trying to blend in as well as he can, Jeremiah always lands into the most woefull situations. “The Heart…” is not an overly dramatic tearjerker, it is heavier than that. Not a feel-good movie, but one that you might want to watch some time if you like raw drama.

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