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Monroe: Class of ’76 * Ashley Pearce * 2005

This is a film in two parts, or otherwise, a miniseries with two one hour episodes. Robert Carlyle is Tom Monroe. When investigation the apparent suicide of a man, he runs into strange events that happened in the past in a small village. Those events have their results still. “Class of ’76” is a nice ‘supernatural thriller’. Fortunately not like “Millenium”, “Charmed” or “Medium”, but more with a suggestive extra layer, such as in some X-Files. The atmosphere goes from just a crime film to very dense and dark horrorish scenes. The story is not too hard to figure out, so I won’t say too much about it. The first 105 minutes are really well, the finale is rather poor unfortunately. These series are available on DVD, so no reason for not reviewing them (I saw them on the Belgian public television).

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