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Rituelen * Herbert Curiel (1989)

I did not know this film, nor the book of the famous Dutch author Cees Nooteboom it is based on, but “Rituelen” (“rituals”) is not that bad. We follow Inni Wintrop who came to the conclusion that his religion is women, they are the way to come closer to the mystery of life. However he does not stick to one, the leaving of the negroid girl Zita leaves a gap in his life. Depressed, but not yet ready to leave, Inni meets two men who follow the Japanese religion, meetings which raise and answer many questions. During the film we jump back and forth in time and there is this overly literary voiceover that is obviously direct reading from the book. The film plays somewhere in the 1980’ies and has some endtime tendencies. The atmosphere and the film overall are quite nice.

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