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Mifunes Sidste Sang * Søren Kragh-Jacobsen * 1999

mifune’s last song

After “Festen” and “Idioterne” this was the third film made according to the rules of Lars von Triers “Dogme95”. Indeed it took a long time before I first saw this film. However all/most dogme-films are made by different directors, those that I saw so far are similar in style. Of course there are rules for the lighting, decors, etc. but also the sence of humour, characters and making of stories is quite alike.

Mifune is about a man named Kresten who hasn’t seen his family for 10 years. When his father dies he goes back to the remote farm where he grew up. There he has to take care of his mentally not 100% brother. Since they both can’t cook, make coffee or clean up, Kresten hires a house-cleaner in the form of the prostitute Liva. Of course Kresten and Liva fall in love, Kresten’s wife stops by and wants a divorse, Liva’s son turns from asocial to kind and Rud (the brother) doesn’t quite get it all.

As in all Dogme-films that I saw so far there is a serious case of over-reacting to situations and again brought with a weird (Danish?) kind of humour. Many people think that Mifune isn’t the best of the first three Dogmes, but I can’t think of any reason why. All Dogme’s are in my opinion not brilliant but quite amusing. <3>

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