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My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done * Werner Herzog (2009)

“David Lynch presents”… I do not think I ever saw a film of Herzog and I immediately admit that the name of Lynch was the primary reason to watch this film. I was not disappointed! This film has obvious Lynchian elements, such as minimalistic dialogues, silences, a suppressed kind of dark humour, weird characters and well-used music. Yet, “My Son My Son…” is not a dark film. Actually, it is shot in weird, bright colours (or is that due to our new LED tv?) After a trip to Peru with some hippie friends, Brad returns with God in his head. Dillusionary he takes matters in his own hand drastically and we come into the story when Brad already has a murder on his name and two hostages in his house. The film is basically the police trying to understand the situation and in flashbacks we see the story of Brad who slowly looses his mind. The film has a great, slightly surrealistic atmosphere with strange, but well-working Spanish music (Peruan?), some threatening scenes and some good experimentations. An interesting film!

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