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Patrik 1,5 * Ella Lemhagen (2008)

A homosexual couple moves into one of these perfect streets in which the neighbours look after eachother and everybody has a sublimely maintained garden. Göran and Sven want to adopt a baby and when after a few disappointments they get a letter that “Patrik 1,5” is assigned to them, they are overly happy. A few days later the 15-year old homophobic Patrik with a criminal past arrives. Assuming a mistake has been made, the couple tries to contact the agency that assigned Patrik, but it is Friday afternoon… In the weekend both Patrik and Sven portray an equal amount of prejudices.
“Patrik 1,5” is another of these social, Scandinavian comedies. It is not all that funny and a bit overly sweet. Actually I somehow think highly of Scandinavian comedy, but many of them are not that funny or good. “Patrik 1,5” is alright, it has its moments, but it is not of the level I hoped for.

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