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Shocking Blue * Mark de Cloe (2010)

“Shocking Blue” is a Dutch film which starts with three friends of about 16/17 years old. Later the focus shifts towards Thomas, one of the three. After a dramatic event (IMdB gives it all away) Thomas is hammered by his emotions and a weird situation he always hoped for, but the past complicates things. Thomas’ friendship with Chris is severely tested, but when things seemed to have not go well for Thomas for the larger part of the film, he and Chris become close friends again and inspite of an awkward situation all seems to end up just fine.
Shocking Blue was a Dutch progrock band, but the beautiful music does not seem to be theirs. The title refers to the fact that Thomas, working on a tulip farm, wants to breed a blue tulip to shock the world. The story plays in the North-West of the Netherlands on a polder near the sea. The stretched out tulip fields give a melancholic atmosphere to the film fitting to the story. “Shocking Blue” is not a feel good film and however I heard good and bad things about it, I found it beautiful myself with very fitting music. Finally a Dutch film to be proud of!

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