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Kyonyû Doragon * Takao Nakano (2010)

The full title of this film is “Kyonyû doragon: Onsen zonbi vs sutorippâ 5” which I guess means something like: “big tits dragon, […] zombies vs 5 strippers”. That would explain both international titles. The official international title seems to be “Big tits dragon”, we rented it as “Big tits zombie”. We actually got it in the expectation of cheap entertainment, zombies and strippers. Well, even for a ‘sexploitation’ zombie slasher this film is not very entertaining. The story starts with 5 girls who are hired in a stripclub. Later they are transferred to a sex resort where they accidentally unleash a zombie epidemic all over Japan. The first part is quite weak. Ok, the girls look nice (but the ‘big tits’ are according to Japanese standards), but the dialogues are silly and the singing scenes irritating. When the zombies join the club, they look about the same as in the cheap zombie-films of my own country (but a lot less of them). There are a few over-the-top jokes such as a blowtorch vagina, a stripper with a chainsaw and there are scenes in 3D. The old-style 3D with a double images and blue and red glasses (in a rental DVD!), but the idea is there. After the 73 minutes running time I has a few laughs, but overall I would not recommend this film.

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