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Lost Highway * David Lynch (1997)

Damn! Did i forget to review the best film ever? Damn! I saw it 4 times in the cinema when it played here in 1997, later I bought the video and a while ago the DVD. “Lost Highway” is completely Lynch. Dark (VERY dark I may say), strange, symbolic and ununderstandable. There are two stories that either follow eachother up or run (partly) synchronical. Especially one person being in both stories raises and answers questions. There is a story of a saxophoneplayer who meets a strange oriental person and who may or may not have killed his own wife. Also there is a story about a young car-service man who is very popular with the women, but ran into the wrong person, being the girlfriend of an extremely rich, influential and most of all insane criminal.

Anyway, the little you know about this film when you haven’t seen it, the better. As more of Lynches works “Lost Highway” is more of an atmosphere picture than a film that you can watch and enjoy. Most people don’t like it, others love it.

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