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Hadewijch * Bruno Dumont (2009)

The title of this film is of course a reference to the 13th century mystic Hadewijch. Like the historical Hadewijch, Céline is an extremely devout young woman. Too devout for the cloister the sisters think, so Céline is sent back to the world. She returns to her extremely wealthy family, but tries to find back her lost contact with Jesus who apparently appeared to her in a very physical-like vision. Not finding her place in ‘the real world’ really, she falls into an uncommon friendship with another very, but very different, religious person, a thing that Céline apparently does not see. Dumont sought some controversy in prejudice, but I must say that the tone of the film is too whining to be really capturing. It looks like some of texts of the historical Hadewijch are used, but Dumont placed the event in current settings. The result is a thickly religious drama, a not really interting one.

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