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Lila Dit Ça * Ziad Doueri * 2004

Chima is a dreamy young man of Arabic origin with a Muslim background. He lives in a dreary suburb of the French city Marseille. He falls in love with Lila, a girl with a daring appearence and a dirty mouth and mind. Chima finds himself balancing between two extremes. His mother finds the girl improper (and her husband also ran off with a French woman), his friends first want to get to know her, but when they fail, they say Lila is a whore; but still Chima is attracted to the girl and struck by her frankness. Eventually things go expectedly wrong.

“Lila Says So” is a typical French drama about two youngsters discovering sexuality from completely different starting points. Nothing really happens and the film calmly flows towards a predictable end. Good acting, a simple but effective story. A nice film to see some time.

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