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Machete * Robert Rodriguez (2010)

The new Rodriguez is exactly as I expected: a completely over-the-top bloody Mexican shootout. There is actually a serious undertone though, the Mexican immigrant problem in Texas and the way this problem is exploited. We follow a man with a big knife (a machete) who gets himself into problems. To solve it he more or less kills everybody. Every shootout and hacking scene is overly bloody and Rodriguez came up with some crazy ideas such as shooting hands and intestines used as lianas. Also the conversations are again great (“I can feel your eyes in my uterus”). Of course there is a pack of beautiful women. So far the usual elements. Apparently Rodriguez is doing well enough to get people such as Robert de Niro and Stefan Seagal for his films, which may make this film even more enjoyable. Crazy action with no pretentions of being serious such as some ‘new violence’ colleagues of Rodriguez seem to aim for. Great stuff for people who do not have a sensitive stomach.

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