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Somewhere * Sofia Coppola (2010)

Coppola was starting to become my favourite drama/arthouse director. Her “The Virgin Suicides” (1999) is great, “Lost in Translation” (2003) has a very well-done atmosphere and “Marie Antoinette” (2006) brought a great new twist to the costume-drama genre. “Somewhere” is again a descent drama, but it did not ‘grab me’ like Coppola’s earlier films. Johnny Marco is a successfull actor whose success brought him some bad habbits concerning drink and women. Overall he is but a moderate man though. He drives extremely civilised in his black Ferrari and he does not care much for fancy clothing. Early in the film he gets daughter for a longer time than he expected and taking her into his luxery life, the two grew towards eachother. “Somewhere” gives a nice peek into the life of a celebrity and Marco is set out as a very real-life person, but like I said, nothing that happens on the screen ‘works’ for me. The film is interesting from a filmographic viewpoint though. Coppola uses very long, minimalistic shots, thus creating a very slow film, but unlike some of her other films, she did not use music to set the mood and perhaps it is the lack of music that makes the lack of mood.

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