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Levity * Ed Solomon * 2003

The director of the terrible “Bill and Ted” films made a nice drama with a bunch of famous actors. Billy Bob Thornton is Manuel Jordan, a man who spend 23 years in prison because he shot a man during the robery of a shop. Being released he searches for redemption. He comes back to the city where he used to live and finds himself running into the rotten spots of society. The film touches on several problems of our society without becoming to heavy or moralising. There is a disco where people use too much drugs. There are two gangs fighting eachother for nothing. A local ‘priest’ (a wonderfull part by Morgan Freeman) turns out to be a criminal. Then we have Jordan himself who tries to make sense of the world that he lives in and especially his feelings of guilt. The film may be a drama, but there is also room for humor, especially Thornton’s extreme ‘dryness’ is great. A very nice film.

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