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Diabolik * Mario Bava (1968)

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“Diabolik”, or “Danger: Diabolik” is a classic comic-to-film, the first and the best according to some. It is one of those films of its time, a bit of “Danger Man”, “The Avengers” and “James Bond”. There are a few differences between this film and the other titles that I mentioned. In “Diabolik” the hero is actually the bad guy, or the other way around, the bad guy is presented as the hero. “Diabolik” is a thief living in a ridiculous subterranean mansion, not unlike the “Batcave”, owning an unlimited number of black and of white Jaguar E-types, and having a preposterously sexy girlfriend. First Diabolik manages to steal 10 million dollars, later a massive amount of gold. Being a comic made into a film, there are of course some fantastic elements and strange humour. The colours are vivid, the acting funny and the ladies sexy. It is one of those films that you just should see some time. With it being available on DVD this will be a lot easier.

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