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True Grit * Joel & Ethan Coen (2010)

The brothers Coen created a Western that looks like a classic Western. The colour, opening titles, acting and out of tone music, it is all there. The young Mattie Ross goes to avenge her father who got shot about 100 kilometers from her home town. Because the killer has fled into “Indian territory”, Mattie has to find a man with “true grit” (guts) which she finds in Rooster Cogburn (Jeff Bridges). Mattie is determined to travel with Rooster, which he, of course, initially does not like. A classic Western develops. The film looks too classical a Western (not my genre) to become really my thing, but the fun in the film are the typical Coen dialogues which they have done very well again. It is well done making a film look 50 years old and I had some laughs, so overall “True Grit” is nice. For a Western.


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