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Salt * Phillip Noyce (2010)

We actually went to the local Hollywood Factory (the name says enough) to get “Machete”, assuming that this film is big enough for them. I guess not, or would the rental version not be available yet? Having to choose from the Hollywood sh*t that they have on the shelves, we went for “Salt”, an over the top action film that we saw a preview of in the cinema some time ago. At least, I thought that was this one, did I think of “Wanted”? In any case, “Salt” proved to be that film in which Angelina Jolie is an CIA agent; or is she a Russian spy; or both? I must say that inspite of the overdone chasing scenes and the story that looses quite a a bit a credibility as the conspiracy thickens, “Salt” is an entertaining high-speed action thriller with numerous plot shifts. It roughly falls in the category ‘brainless action thriller’, but because of the high speed and good tension, “Salt” is a proper choice if you are going for brainless action.

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