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Sound Of Noise * Ola Simonsson & Johannes Stjärne Nilsson (2010)

As soon as I heard of this film, I wanted to see it. A Scandinavian comedy with music terrorists, what more could you want in a film? It premiered last week in my country, we just came back from seeing it. A group of people have alternative ideas about what music should be and as some anarchist kind of conservatory students they write an elaborate piece of alternative music, “music for one city and six drummers”. On several occasions they go out to make music on whatever is there. The pieces get bigger and bigger. The tonedeaf policeman who is appropriately named Amadeus is sent out to stop them. The story of the film is definately original. It brings memories of “V For Vendetta”, but is more ‘real life’. The first performance is amusing, the second is nice, but then it becomes a bit incredible. Actually, if the idea would have been given to a veteral alternative percussion group such as Stomp, the result may have been more interesting. Not that the film is boring, but I have the idea that it could have been better. By the way, this film is a long version of an earlier idea called “Music For One Appartment And Six Drummers” which you can find on Youtube.

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