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Den Brysomme Mannen * Jens Lien (2006)

There are two English titles on the box. “No(r)way Of Life” and “The Bothersome Man”, the latter of which seems to be the international title, but the other is also used. “Den Brysomme Mannen” is a real Scandinavian comedy, society critical and dark. The box was more promising than the film turned out though. A man seems to end up in some kind of purgatory where everything is fine. Fine, but nothing more than that, nothing is good. Things seem to go well for Andreas. He marries a beautiful wife who does not complain when he wants to replace her for a beautiful colleague. Yet, the mediocrity of it all, makes him try something drastic. The scenes following that are amusing, so are other findings in this film, but looking at the total, I have to say that the film never really raises above the level of the experiences of the characters in it.

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