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The Human Contract * Jada Pinkett Smith (2008)

The successfull business man Julian Wright meets the mysterious beauty Michael (“strange name for a woman”) just when he is in the middle of divorcing his wife. Michael is a sexy lady with a sexy accent and she seems to know exactly what she wants. A bit of a cat-and-mouse-game of two too big egos unfolds in which Michael uses her excentric sensuality and Michael tries to guide the situation according to his own preference. Instead Julian finds out that he is more impulsive than he wants himself to be. “The Human Contact” has one of the more beautiful posters, the story may not be too original, but especially the character of Michael could have made an amusing film. Besides a few sensual scenes, the film really does no go anywhere though. Michael is extremely self-confident in the first half, but what for? Julian tries to be a good businessman, but the situation with Michael and some other do not make things very easy. None of the situations is really worked out very well. In the end “The Human Contract” remains a film with some ideas and many loose ends, there is no continuing atmosphere, the story bumbs and the acting does not make things any more convincing. Nope, it is not hard to tell where that 4.9 on IMdB comes from. Paz “Julia Y El Sexo” Vegas is a reason to watch this film, but really the only one.

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