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Kiss Kiss Bang Bang * Shane Black * 2005

  • comedy

This film got very good critics, but I am not convinced. I wanted to see this film, but the note “by the makers of Lethal Weapon” made me doubt, but we rented it afterall. “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” tells the story of a smalltime thief who accidentally ends up in the film-business, where he meets the love of his youth, but mostly many many corpses. Harry Lockart is both the main character as the voice-over. Shane Black wanted to do something funny with the voice-over, but it isn’t very original or well-done. Lockart tells the story of the film with silly voice-overs and montage of the film (rewinding, etc.). The film supposedly has a ‘film-noir’ atmosphere, but I miss it. It is mostly a slightly funny crime-drama with some action. The film sure has its moments, Val Kilmer is great as gay private detective, but overall I see nothing but mediocrity and stolen ideas. I think the film is meant for the larger audience too much.

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