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King Arthur * Antoine Fuqua * 2004

I didn’t have very high expectations about this film, but I wanted to see it anyway. Everything is as expected. “King Arthur” is a Hollywood adventure film with Gladiator-like fighting scenes. What I dislike most is that the makers made up their own Arthur story instead of taking one of the traditional ones. The creators want us to believe that their version is more historically correct. Arthur and his knights are Sarmatians. When the Romans conquered the near East, their group was so brave that they became a Roman elite-warrior group. Being send out to Brittain they fight for the Romans and eventually get the feel for the original inhabitants of Brittain and fight the Saxons.
Arthur comes out a bit whimpy. Moreover, he is extremely Christian, while his soldiers remain ‘pagan’. The battle scenes are not really special, the ‘historical context’ is in a way interesting, but I have my doubts about the authenticity. All in all “King Arthur” would have been amusing if the film had another title/subject.

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