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De Kelten * 2004

Well, not my usual kind of filmreview, especially the link is ‘unorthodox’ because it isn’t to the Internet Movie Database, but to the site of the shop where I bought this DVD. “The Celts” is an English documentary of 12 episodes. I don’t know if it was broadcasted anywhere, but my eye fell on the 3 dvd ‘threefold digipack’ for a very reasonable price. There are two episodes per DVD and the box claims that there is 360 minutes of running time. The episodes are not 60 minutes each though, more like 50, so we don’t come to 360 minutes, but 300 minutes running time. Anyway, I got a Dutch version which is the documentary with subtitles that can’t be turned off. The documentary itself is alright. You get the general information about the Celts, especially on the Brittish islands and spanning a period of about 2000 years. Yes, it goes all the way to the present day. There is information about the beginning, the migrations, some mythology (very little though), daily life, etc. Nice images, not too much information, but about what you need to know for a first introduction. As I mentioned the documentary focusses on the UK. A nice element is that the information comes partly from images with a voiceover, but other parts are interviews with scholars. These scholars are sometimes Irish, Welch or Schotsmen with the most brilliant accents and especially their ability to pronounce the ancient Welch of Gaelic language without blinking an eye is great. Nice to get a sound to words that you usually only see in books. So, “De Kelten” is a nice documentary for E 15,-, but do not have too high expectation regarding the background information of the tribes.

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