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Ju-On: the grudge 2 * Takashi Shimizu * 2003

Ju-On: the grudge 1 is the better kind of Japanese horror, a Ringu but then scary. Now that there is an American version of this film, but filmeditions of Ju-On (there are also two TV Ju-On’s) are for sale cheaply, so I also got number two. It is alright, but by far no number one. A group of horrormakers goes to shoot a documentary in the house where part one plays and of course they fall under the curse. The boy is more prominent now, but I will not say more. The film is not as surprising as part one, but knowing too much will still spoil the fun. The film is alright when you have seen part one, but maybe it is better to only see that one. <5/1/05><2>

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